Engineering Permits


All permits require full compliance with the Unified Development Code and Engineering Design Manual unless a vested rights determination has been granted by the Planning Department. For more information on vested rights, please contact [email protected]

Grading Permit

A Grading Permit is required prior to disturbance of land by grading, filling, or dredging. Grading Permits may include erosion control, grading, drainage systems, and water quality facilities. Flatwork (paving, sidewalks, slabs, etc.), structures, and preparation or installation of utilities is NOT permitted under a Grading Permit.

Grading Permit

Grading Permit Checklist

Floodplain Development Permit

All construction activity, including grading, within the local or FEMA floodplain is subject to the floodplain regulations of the City and requires a Floodplain Development Permit. See the Developing Responsibly tab under Floodplain Management for more information. 

Floodplain Development Permit

Floodplain Development Checklist

Construction Release Permit

A Construction Release Permit is required for the construction of public infrastructure such as streets, water and sewer mains, electric lines, gas facilities, and storm water facilities. To apply for a Construction Release Permit, the project must have infrastructure documents approved by the City and an approved subdivision plat. See the Infrastructure Documents LOC tab for more information.

Construction Release Permit Application

Right-of-Way Permit

All construction, installation, or operation of facilities in the City Right-of-Way requires a Right-of-Way Permit. Construction activity includes flatwork, maintenance, pulling fiber and/or cable, aerial work, etc. See the Right-of-Way Construction tab for more information. 

Right-of-Way-Construction Application

Building Permit

The public improvements in a development must be accepted by the City prior to issuance of a Building Permit. All building permits must be applied for through the Code Compliance and Permitting Department. Any person submitting a building permit must abide by the terms and provisions of the Engineering Design Manual pertaining to Drainage Study requirements. 

No-Adverse Impact Letter

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