Traffic Impact Analysis

TIA Process and Requirements

A Peak Hour Trip Generation Form is required to be submitted with the following documents:

  • Master Development Plan
  • Subdivision Plat, Development Plat
  • Infrastructure Documents
  • Zoning Change Requests
  • Planned Unit Development Submissions
  • Building Permit Applications

Additional TIA documents/studies may be required based on the number of trips generated by the proposed development. More information can be found in the Engineering Design Manual, Chapter 4.

Peak Hour Trip Generation Form

A PHT Generation form must be completed using the most recent edition of the ITE Trip Generation Manual. The ITE trip generation rates for the most common land uses can be found in the Engineering Design Manual Appendix D. A blank copy and an example of a completed PHT Generation form are available below.

PHT Generation Form (Blank)

PHT Generation Form (Example)

Border Street Worksheet

A Border Street Worksheet must be prepared for streets adjacent to the proposed development. This form is an aid to the applicant in determining the ROW and border street construction requirements that may apply. A blank copy and an example of a completed Border Street Worksheet are available below.

Border Street Worksheet (Blank)

Border Street Worksheet (Example)

Turn Lane Evaluation Worksheet

A Turn Lane Evaluation Worksheet must be prepared if there are 50 or more inbound trips per hour to determine if a turn lane is required. A blank copy and an example of a completed Turn Lane Evaluation Worksheet are available below.

Turn Lane Evaluation Worksheet (Blank)

Turn Lane Evaluation Worksheet (Example)

TIA Scoping Meeting Worksheet

A TIA Scoping Meeting Worksheet must be prepared if there are 100 or more peak hour trips. This worksheet provides a framework for establishing the parameters of the TIA. A blank TIA Scoping Meeting Worksheet is available below. 

TIA Scoping Meeting Worksheet (Blank)

Rough Proportionality Worksheet

Traffic generation from new development impacts the roadway system by using available capacity. A Rough Proportionality determination must be completed if the City requires that a developer bear a portion of the costs of infrastructure improvements. A blank copy of the rough proportionality worksheet is available below. See the EDM Chapter 4.5 for more information.

Rough Proportionality Worksheet (Blank)