Natural Floodplain Functions

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Preserving Natural Floodplains

Undeveloped floodplain land provides many natural resources and functions of considerable economic, social, and environmental value. The City of Boerne has implemented measures to reduce the impact of development on natural drainageways and other natural areas.

Watershed Protection Zones

Drainage Protection Zones and Water Supply Protection Zones shall remain free of all construction activity unless otherwise indicated in the Unified Development Code Section 8.2(A)

Low Impact Development Facilities

A developer must install all improvements in accordance with the Boerne Edition of the San Antonio River Basin Low Impact Development Technical Guidance Manual and the Unified Development Code Section 8.2(B).

Impervious Cover Requirements

All development in the jurisdiction of the City of Boerne shall comply with the impervious cover limitations set forth in the Unified Development Code Section 8.2(C).

Habitat Assessment

Any development on a tract of land greater than ten acres must submit a Habitat Assessment in accordance with the Unified Development Code Section 8.8.

Lower Glen Rose Aquifer

If any portion of the subject property includes the mapped Lower Glen Rose Protection Zone, the applicant must submit a report prepared by a PG professional geoscientist licensed by the State of Texas describing the site-specific geology and any potential recharge features as described in the Unified Development Code Section 8.9.

Reference the City of Boerne Unified Development Code (See Chapter 8) and our Watershed Protection page for more information on Environmental Protection and Design.