Hazardous/Special Collection

Boerne Utilities customers have access to Waste Management’s At Your Door Special Collection service, which is reserved for sometimes hazardous or hard-to-recycle items.

There is no charge for the service for Boerne Utilities customers. To schedule a special collection, contact Waste Management at (800) 449-7587 or email WM.

Accepted Materials

The following materials are accepted in the At Your Door Special Collection service:

Automotive Waste

Antifreeze, batteries, brake fluid, motor oil, filters, fuels

Household Cleaners

Ammonia, heavy-duty cleaners, naval jelly, tile removers

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Chlorine tablets and liquid, pool acid, stabilizer

Electronic Waste

Computers, MP3 players, TVs, DVD players, cellphones, monitors, printers

Garden Chemicals

Fertilizers, herbicides, insect sprays, pesticides, weed killers

Paint Products

Caulk, glue, paint, stripping materials, stain, thinner

Household Waste

Artists’ paint, CFL bulbs, sharps

Unacceptable Materials

The following materials will not be accepted in the At Your Door Special collection service:

  • Ammunition, medicine, explosives, asbestos, leaking containers, commercial chemicals, or hazardous materials in containers larger than five gallons