Brush Collection

Boerne Utilities customers benefit from two residential brush collection options – one by Waste Management and one by crews from the City of Boerne.

Waste Management Brush Collection

Brush collection through Waste Management takes place once per month during the first full week of the month and is conducted on the same day as the bulky collection. This means if the first day of the month falls on Tuesday – Sunday, brush collection will take place the following week.

This collection is for smaller amounts of cut up trees, brush, and shrubbery. Customers do not need to contact the city to request a brush collection from Waste Management.

Criteria for Waste Management Brush Collection

  • Brush must be cut, tied, and bundled in lengths no longer than 5 feet
  • Pieces must be no more than 5 inches in diameter
  • Bundles must be placed at the curb

City of Boerne Brush Collection

Crews from the City of Boerne conduct a separate brush collection starting on the first of every month. This collection is for larger amounts of brush and limbs. Customers must schedule this brush collection no later than the last working day of the month before collection.

Customer can schedule one brush collection through the city per calendar year at no charge. Each additional brush collection will be charged at $25 plus tax on your next utility bill. To schedule a brush collection from the city:

Criteria for City of Boerne Brush Collection

  • Location of property for which service is requested must be with the City limits.
  • Brush collection service is subject to verification of an active residential garbage service account.
  • Brush must be cut into lengths not to exceed eight 8 feet.
  • Brush must be placed away from utility lines, fences, or low tree limbs.
  • Brush must be stacked parallel to the curb/roadway for ease in loading.
  • Brush must be stacked rather than bundled.
  • Brush must be stacked as to not obstruct sight distance or hinder the safety of the traveling public including blocking sidewalks.
  • A maximum of 600 cubic feet (10 feet long by 10 feet wide and 6 feet high) of brush may be collected per lot per collection. Brush in excess of 600 cubic feet will not be picked up.

Brush is defined as cuttings or clippings from trees and shrubs resulting from regular pruning or maintenance of the property, and from dead or damaged trees or shrubs which could be considered hazardous if left standing. Brush may include small, uprooted tree stumps if dirt, rock, and debris are removed from the stump.

The City of Boerne will not pick up brush resulting from lot clearing activities or from tree trimming and/or landscaping companies