Weekly Curbside Collection

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Find Your Collection Days

Waste Management collects trash and recycling once per week. Some residents might have trash and recycling pick up on the same day, but most do not. Use the links below to find your collection days.

Collections Carts

Boerne residents use a 96-gallon green wheeled cart with a green lid for items considered trash and a 64-gallon green wheeled cart with a yellow lid for recyclables.

Carts must be at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on collection days to ensure pickup and may be set out after 5 p.m. the evening before collection days.

  • Trash goes in the green cart with the green lid. All trash must be inside the cart. Waste Management will not collect trash outside the cart.
  • Recyclables go in the green cart with yellow lid. All recyclables must be LOOSE inside the cart. Waste Management will not collect recyclables outside the cart.
  • Do not overfill carts. Lids must close securely.
  • Avoid placing rocks, dirt, and other heavy items in the cart. Carts that cannot be lifted will be left so the customer can redistribute the contents for the following week’s pickup or for the bulky item collection.
  • Place carts five feet from obstructions, such as vehicles or mailboxes, and within one foot from the curb or fence. Place carts four feet apart with the handles facing your home or fence.
  • Do not obstruct the collection of carts or bulk items by parking vehicles in the vicinity.

Replacing a Garbage or Recycling Cart

If your garbage or recycling cart is stolen or damaged, contact Customer Service at (830) 249-9511 option 1 to get a replacement or submit one of the forms below.

What Can I Recycle?

To ensure the items you place in your recycle cart (yellow lid) are in fact recyclable, please refer to the lists below.

  1. Always Recycle
  2. Never Recycle

Recyclable Items

Please place the following items in your recycle cart with the yellow lid.

  • Paper
  • Plastic Bottle and Containers (must be empty)
  • Food and beverage cartons (pizza boxes)
  • Flattened cardboard and paperboard (cereal boxes, etc.)
  • Food and beverage cans
  • Glass bottle and jars
Recycling Do's and Don'ts Graphics