Heart of Boerne

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About the Initiative

As an exemplary Hill Country community, Boerne is dedicated to service, excellence, integrity, respect, and collaboration.

By contributing to these qualities, our residents and city staff can remain committed to showing everyone the true Heart of Boerne. Through this initiative, our goal is to encourage the community to be active participants in our successes and help us highlight how they are giving back.

Via the City of Boerne social media platforms we want to spark conversations, educate, and engage our community, connect with our audience, and further build on our digital relationships. Through this initiative we will help share the many wonderful things our community is doing to help make it so special in an authentic and honest way.

How to Participate/Submit

We see the Heart of Boerne on display every day around town. Help us highlight the good in the community by completing the submission form at the bottom of this page. Be sure to include any accompanying pictures for us to share on our digital platforms.

Please note, we will make every effort to highlight all relevant submissions, with a goal of emphasizing a diverse range of events and activities.

  1. BHS baseball team with donated items at ACS

    Hounds for Hounds: Boerne baseball delivers supplies to ACS

    This is the second year for the team’s Hounds for Hounds donation collection drive. Read about the donation.

Heart of Boerne Submission Form

  1. Please include your name and contact information so we can follow up if we have additional questions.

  2. Please take a few minutes to upload the appropriate picture(s) and tell us about the project or activity. Please consider including how many people participated, where this occurred, why the activity was selected and other pertinent information.

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