B.O.N.D. – Boerne Open Neighborhood Discussion

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About B.O.N.D.

Boerne Open Neighborhood Discussion (B.O.N.D.) meetings are an informal opportunity for residents to learn about proposed developments near their homes or businesses.

Hosted by the City’s Planning Department, these meetings discuss projects that may include rezoning, subdivisions, or requests for creative solutions. The meetings allow developers to hear feedback from the community before a case goes before the City for formal consideration.

While B.O.N.D. meetings are not required prior to formal consideration, the City encourages participation among developers and residents. B.O.N.D. meetings do not replace the opportunity for public discussion and comments at the formal public meeting for consideration. B.O.N.D. meetings are for informational purposes only and are held in addition to the formal public meetings.

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Meeting Agendas

On the day of the B.O.N.D. meeting, the applicant (person who submitted the request form), developer, or project representative will give a brief overview or presentation of the proposed project and the community will provide questions and feedback. This allows the applicant/developer/representative to respond and answer any questions about the project. The dialogue will also allow consideration of any concerns raised by the community.

How can you get involved?

Email [email protected] to learn more.

Public Meeting

B.O.N.D. meetings are recorded and posted on the City's YouTube page.

Call Planning at (830) 248-1501 with any questions.


Talk to your friends and neighbors about the future of Boerne and encourage participation.

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