South Boerne (SoBo) Overlay District

OverlayDistrictsMap_Handbook_SoBo_20210323The SoBo Overlay District spans various entrances into Boerne and contains unique street frontages, ecological features and economic opportunity. The Overlay District establishes parameters for development including site and architectural design, building materials, landscaping and lighting to promote the character of Boerne in this unique area of the City. SoBo is divided into three character zones: Hybrid Commercial Character Zone (HC-CZ), Mixed Use Character Zone (MU-CZ), and Neighborhood Character Zone (N-CZ).  The requirements of the SoBo Overlay District replace certain standards of the base zoning and the general design requirements of the UDC.  However, not all requirements are replaced.  If the overlay doesn’t provide a standard or a regulation, the base zoning and general standards of the UDC apply.