Entrance Corridor Overlay District

Entrance CorridorsThe Entrance Corridors Overlay District is intended to preserve the economic function of the primary entrance corridors of the City, managing traffic and connectivity while strengthening wayfinding and orientation through streetscape design.  The corridors in this overlay include Main Street outside of the Historic District, State Highway 46, River Road, Bandera, Johns Road, Sisterdale, Scenic Loop and Amman.   The requirements of the Entrance Corridor Overlay District replace certain standards of the base zoning and the general design requirements of the UDC.  However, not all requirements are replaced.  If the overlay doesn’t provide a standard or a regulation, the base zoning and general standards of the UDC apply.  For the Entrance Corridors, the requirements related to platting and to signs extend to the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City.  All other requirements of this overlay district apply only within the City limits.