I-10 Construction News

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Project Overview

Work is currently underway on TxDOT's I-10 Kendall Extension project, causing a significant impact on traffic in and around the City of Boerne. As part of the project, TxDOT is replacing two overpass bridges across I-10 in Boerne – one at Main Street and one at Highway 46 (Bandera Road). Improvements are also being made to the access roads, including conversion to one-way traffic. The city will utilize this webpage to provide updates as we receive them from TxDOT and its contractors.

As work on these projects progresses, TxDOT will announce closures that will impact the flow of traffic in and around Boerne. Please be aware that any scheduled closures are subject to change. Check back frequently and follow the City of Boerne on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information. Learn about current and upcoming road closures below.

Upcoming Closures

The following closures are scheduled for mid January 2023 by TxDOT.

Jan. 16-20: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Alternating lane closures at various locations on I-10 westbound frontage road from Scenic Loop Road to Highway 46.
  • Alternating lane closures at various locations on Backage Road 1, Backage Road 3, and School Street for paving.

Jan. 17: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Closure of Backage Road 2 from Highway 46 to Upper Balcones Road.
  • Switching traffic from one side of Highway 46 bridge to the other.

Jan. 20: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • Closure of right eastbound main lane of I-10 from SH 46 to Scenic Loop Road.

Current Closures

School Street at I-10 West Frontage Road

The next stage of construction at I-10 and Highway 46 will require the complete closure and reconstruction of the intersection of South School Street at the existing I-10 westbound frontage road.

This phase of the project remained under construction as of mid-December. Please note: the new I-10 West entrance ramp from Highway 46 is now open. Access to businesses between School Street and Highway 46 (Days Inn, Taco Bell/Exxon) are possible via the frontage road from I-10. South School Street reopened in the fall. 

Eastbound I-10 Frontage Road

The existing Eastbound I-10 Frontage Road will be closed from Menger Springs to Highway 87 (Main Street). The road remained closed and under construction as of mid-December.

During the closure, traffic on the Eastbound I-10 Frontage Road will be detoured onto I-10 via the new entrance ramp past Menger Springs and can exit back onto the Frontage Road via Exit 543 to Scenic Loop Road.

This closure is being done to allow TxDOT’s contractor to construct the new frontage road and the approach work to the Highway 87 bridge.

See a map of the closure below or click here to see a full screen map.

eastbound-I-10-frontage-road-closure-dec-2021 Opens in new window

Project Timeline and Progress Tracker

Work on TxDOT's I-10 Kendall Extension project is scheduled to last into 2023 with several phases of construction occurring throughout. The two main areas of work in Boerne are at the intersections of I-10 and Highway 87 (Main Street) and I-10 and Highway 46 (Bandera Road)

Click on the tabs below to learn more about the timeline for work at each of these two intersections. Timelines and construction phases are subject to change and delay by TxDOT.

  1. Highway 87 / Main Street
  2. Highway 46 / Bandera Road

Project Timeline – I-10 at Highway 87 (Main Street)

Below is a list of completed project milestones and estimated completion dates for other phases of construction taking place at the Highway 87 / Main Street interchange at I-10. The information below is from TxDOT and its contractors.


  • Demolish old Highway 87/Main Street bridge
  • New I-10 East entrance ramp from Highway 87/Main Street
  • New I-10 East exit ramp to Scenic Loop Road
  • New I-10 East-West turnaround under Scenic Loop Road
  • New I-10 East exit ramp between Scenic Loop Road and Balcones Creek
  • New I-10 West entrance ramp between Balcones Creek and Scenic Loop Road
  • New westbound frontage road between Highway 87 and Christus Parkway

Estimated Completion of Remaining Milestones

  • New Highway 87 southbound bridge (Winter 2022-23)
  • Reopen I-10 West entrance ramp from Scenic Loop (Winter 2022-23)

TxDOT overview map of construction project at I-10 and Main Street

This map from TxDOT is an overview of the construction project underway at Main Street and I-10 in Boerne. Click here to see a more detailed schematic.