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During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic the city of Boerne has worked to release pertinent information related to closures and re-openings. Mayor Tim Handren has also addressed concerns raised in the community. Below are links and other statements providing accurate and fact-based information.  

Mayor's remarks from September 22nd City Council Meeting regarding the State of Texas mask mandate

Last Thursday (9/17/20), Judge Lux, Commissioner Durden, EOC Coordinator Jeff Fincke, Mayor Manitzas (Fair Oaks), Capt. Steve Perez, and I met to discuss the case count in Kendall as well as each of our perspectives regarding GA-29, which is the Governor’s mandate for masks for people in public. As a reminder, we are under several Governor’s orders. One of the bigger ones for all businesses is GA-26, which was the Open Texas initiative. That order has a long list of requirements that are placed on business owners regarding hygiene, physical distancing and masks. When the Governor issued GA-30 and GA-31 last week, he did not rescind anything from GA-26 or GA-29.

In July, after GA-29 was issued, we (Judge Lux and I) were led to believe the possibility of mask exemption was a one time offer. Subsequent to that, in September, TDEM, under pressure from many small counties to provide for subsequent application for mask exemption, re-opened the doors for exemption. The key requirement is for the County Judge to attest to having less than 20 “cases” of COVID-19 cases in their county. Recently, Bandera and Kerr counties have applied for exemption.

With the data we have today from DSHS, we know that our active numbers of COVID-19 cases remain stable, although we continue to have questions about the data that DSHS provides us. The group that met on Thursday unanimously felt that the improvements in Texas that occurred starting July 2 are due almost entirely to the mask mandate and people following those practices. When Judge Lux polled the group for their thoughts on filing for a mask exemption, the entire group expressed that now is not the time to let our guard down. Businesses still have requirements regarding hygiene and masks. Additionally, almost 100 tests were completed this past Friday and we are all waiting for those results.

While the decision to file for exemption ultimately falls to Judge Lux, I’m deeply appreciative of the communication and cooperation we have with the entire leadership in Kendall County. We are very committed to protecting our community and we feel the Governor’s orders that are in place today should remain in place.