Utilities Director

"It is our daily mission to reliably and affordably provide the necessary basic public utility services to enhance quality of life in Boerne."

Mike Mann

Who We Are

The City of Boerne owns and operates its own electric, water, wastewater and natural gas systems. We operate under the regulatory jurisdiction of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRCT), and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). It is our mission to not only meet, but exceed the minimum requirements of those regulatory agencies - we have an excellent history of doing so. 

Public utility system operations are funded via rates and fees received from utility customers, not City taxes. In some areas, our city limits have grown beyond the borders of our utility service areas. In those outlying areas, other public and private utility systems provide services to city customers according to their own rate schedules. 


  • Distribute electric power generated elsewhere and transported to our utility via electric transmission lines and two substations owned by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).  From those substations, the City has a total of eight distribution feeders used to provide service to our customers.  Several successive projects have been performed over the last decade to provide system redundancy and higher capacity our eight main feeder lines.  These improvements will further enhance our service reliability and provide system capacity for the foreseeable future.
  • Distribute potable water for customer consumption and fire fighting purposes. Our drinking water resources include treated surface water from a City-owned/operated treatment plant at Boerne City Lake, surface water from a treatment plant at Canyon Lake owned by the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority (GBRA), and groundwater wells.  At present, we are producing only about fifty-one percent of our total available annual raw water volume.  
  • Distribute reclaimed water for irrigation purposes. To our knowledge, we are among the first utilities to offer widespread retail reclaimed water using separate metering individual properties. Over the past year, eleven percent (118 million gallons) of the water consumed by our customers was reclaimed water, saving that amount of potable water.
  • Collect raw wastewater from residential and commercial customers and treat it to standards that are safe to release back into the environment.  
  • Distribute natural gas provided to the City via two substations, one owned by Grey Forest Utilities and the other by the City of Boerne. The pressure of the natural gas is regulated mechanically to maintain a safe and reliable system for our customers and the public in general.


Mike is a Licensed Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University. Since graduation and before starting work for the City of Boerne over twenty years ago, Mike worked in highway construction and engineering consulting fields.   

As the leader of the City’s Utility Construction and Maintenance group, Mike's focus is on serving the one while keeping the needs of the many in mind. The goal is to plan for the future while managing in the present, in order to keep systems reliable while managing costs. He is surrounded by a team of experts that provide many of the basic necessities to keep the citizens and ratepayers healthy and safe.   

About Mike

Mikes family lived in several small South Texas towns, and he was raised with understanding of respect and community service.  Mike’s father was a Mayor Pro-Tem in the early 1980’s, giving Mike a glimpse into the public service community.