Boerne City Lake Water Quality Monitoring 

In May of 2019, the City of Boerne initiated a surface water quality monitoring program at Boerne City Lake.  The goal of this program is to better understand water quality conditions in the lake prior to anticipated changes in land use within the lakes watershed.  The program monitors a variety of water quality parameters with a focus on E.coli bacteria and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus). All data collection activities operate under an approved Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) and chemical analysis of samples are performed at the San Antonio River Authority's Regional Environmental Laboratory.

Data is collected monthly at three (3) sites on Boerne City Lake and one (1) site on Upper Cibolo Creek upstream of the lake. A water quality data report is updated monthly and can be found at the link below.  For questions regarding the Boerne City Lake Water Quality Monitoring Program contact Ryan Bass, Environmental Planner / Urban Forester [email protected] 

Surface Water Quality Monitoring for Boerne City Lake Quality Assurance Project Plan

Boerne City Lake Surface Water Quality Monitoring Data

Boerne City Lake Water Quality Monitoring Sites 

Boerne City Lake Water Quality Monitoring_03