Excess Flow Valve (EFV)

Customer Notification

The City of Boerne, as a Natural Gas Distribution System Operator, is required by federal regulation to notify its customers of their right to request installation of an Excess Flow Valve (EFV). An EFV is a mechanical shut off device installed inside the service line from the gas main to the gas meter. EFVs are designed to shut off, or significantly restrict the flow of natural gas automatically if a service line breaks. EFVs are not required for the normal, safe operation of your service line, but could help mitigate the consequences of a service line break. Restricting the flow of gas from a broken service line significantly reduces the risk of a natural gas fire, explosion, personal injury and/or property damage.

Please note:

  • EFVs are not designed to close if a leak occurs beyond the gas meter and does not protect against leaks on customer house piping or appliances. If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak inside your home, LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY. From a safe distance, call 911 and the City of Boerne at (830) 249-9511, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The City of Boerne will dispatch qualified personnel immediately to investigate at no cost.
  • EFVs may not close if the leak on the service line is small.
  • If additional gas appliances are added such as a pool heater or other outdoor gas appliances, the additional gas flow may cause the EFV to close.

Many customers already have an EFV installed on their existing service line and the EFVs are designed to last the lifetime of our distribution system. The City of Boerne will maintain the EFV after installation at no cost to the customer. Due to operating characteristics and limitations, in some instances, EFVs cannot be installed. Customers requesting an EFV installation are responsible for paying for the cost and will be provided with an estimated cost and time frame for installation. The installation of an EFV will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date pending the approval of city permits, scheduling of line locates and weather conditions.

For more information or if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss a potential installation, please contact the City of Boerne Customer Service Department at (830) 249-9511.

Excess Flow Valve Customer Notification (pdf)

EFV Diagram