Backflow Prevention

The City of Boerne has a Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.  This program, as required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, was established to protect the public potable water distribution system from backflow of contaminants or pollutants through individual water service, fire service and irrigation connections.

As part of this program, the City of Boerne requires backflow testers to be registered with the City before testing any backflow devices. Per City of Boerne Ordinance No. 2001-38, to be an approved backflow prevention assembly tester within the City, an individual must register annually, provide proof of TCEQ certification, provide proof that testing equipment is able to maintain a calibration of plus or minus 0.2 psid accuracy and pay an annual, non-refundable tester registration fee of $50.

The City of Boerne Backflow Prevention Program also requires that each backflow assembly device be registered upon installation for a one-time registration fee of $25.00, for each device. Thereafter, the assembly device must be tested by a certified tester on an annual basis and the test results forwarded to the City.

Backflow Assembly Registration Form (pdf)

Backflow Assembly Test Report (pdf)

Backflow Tester Registration Form (pdf)

Please discard any earlier versions of these forms as they will no longer be accepted. The changes to the forms were mandated by TCEQ so we can only accept these new forms at this time.

Cross Connection Control (Backflow) Ordinance

Browse through the Cross Connection Control Ordinance (PDF) for the City of Boerne.

For questions, please contact Crystal Barrera at 830-248-1538.

Thank you for helping the City of Boerne maintain a Superior Water System!