TPCAF Recognition Program


A Recognized Law Enforcement Agency

The Boerne Policed Department is a Recognized Law Enforcement Agency – a designation awarded by the Texas Police Chiefs Association as part of its Law Enforcement Recognition Program – which signifies the department’s adherence to the 170 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices.

Becoming a Recognized Law Enforcement Agency

The Law Enforcement Recognition Program is a voluntary process in which police agencies in Texas prove their compliance with Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices.

The Boerne Police Department first received its recognition on March 8, 2012, becoming just the 59th agency in Texas to be recognized at that time. Since then, BPD has been re-recognized twice – once in May 2016 and again in May 2020.

The Law Enforcement Recognition Program evaluates a police department’s compliance with the 170 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices as noted by the TPCAF. These best practices were carefully developed by Texas law enforcement professionals to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service and the protection of individual rights.

These best practices cover all aspects of law enforcement operations including use of force, protection of citizen rights, vehicle pursuits, property and evidence management, and patrol and investigative operations.

Re-Recognition Process

Every four years a Recognized Law Enforcement Agency must submit reports and pass an outside audit from the Texas Police Chiefs Association. The Boerne Police Department was audited in May 2016 and June 2020, passing each time to become re-recognized by the TPCAF.

This voluntary process required the Boerne Police Department to conduct a critical self-review of the agency’s policies, procedures, facilities, and operations. In addition, the executive order on police reform from the President of the United States has been included in the department’s policies.

Currently, approximately 170 out of 2,200 policies agencies are recognized in Texas. The Boerne Police Department has always considered itself to be one of the best in the state, and the department’s hope is this process of an independent review of operations will assure citizens that their Police Department is conforming to the current best practices in law enforcement.

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