Main Street Banners


Banner displays are coordinated through the Utilities Department. Displays are limited to civic/community events and have a maximum display time of two weeks. Reservations are made one year in advance and are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. You must arrive at the Utilities Department at City Hall (447 N. Main St., 2nd floor) at 8 a.m. on the first business day of the month (the desired month of display) to reserve your display time for next year.

For example, if you want your banner to be displayed in June 2022, you would need to come to the Utilities Department on the first business day of June 2021 to submit your application.

Download a Banner Display Application.

Banner Regulations

  • Banners must be 36 feet by 4 feet with 10 feet of three-eighths of an inch sisal or threaded nylon rope at each corner.
  • Banners must be made of polyester netting and in good condition.
  • Banners should be delivered to the Public Works Department at City Hall, 447 N. Main St., one week before time of display.

Please note, banner display times may be altered due to city workload. Electric emergencies have priority over banner displays. The city has the right to refuse the display of any banner that does not meet the above requirements or is deemed to be unsafe for display.

For questions regarding banner displays, contact the Utilities Department at (830) 248-1538.