Boerne Utilities electric employees at work

Electricity Distribution and Delivery

Power Distribution

The City of Boerne purchases its electricity primarily from BP Energy. The electricity is delivered to the City via wires and two substations owned by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) – each shared by the distribution utilities of the City of Boerne and Bandera Electric Cooperative. Both substations are in the city limits at the intersection of Adler Road and Plant Street and near the south IH-10 interchange.

Power Delivery

Electric power is delivered to each substation at 138 Kilovolts (kV) and is converted to 7,200 volts. The City-owned primary power lines carry the 7,200 volts to transformers within a distribution system that converts the voltage to lower levels (120V-480V) that meet our customers’ electric power requirements.

The City’s electric service area is defined by the Public Utility Commission and includes most of the city limits of Boerne, as well as some areas outside the city limits. However, portions of the city limits have power delivered by Bandera Electric Cooperative or Pedernales Electric Cooperative instead of the City of Boerne.

Distributed Generation

The City of Boerne’s Distributed Generation Ordinance allows for the orderly, safe, and effective interconnection and parallel operation of Distributed Generation Facilities within the City of Boerne electric system by customers of the City of Boerne Electric Utility. This can be various types of on-site power generation but is typically solar power. 

Refer to the full Distributed Generation Ordinance for more information. See exhibit A of the ordinance for the application and exhibit B for the agreement for interconnection.

Electric Service Documents