Existing Overlay Districts

Cottage Housing Development Overlay District

The purpose of the cottage housing development is to address the need for smaller, more diverse housing.  Cottage housing units fit well within existing neighborhoods on vacant or underutilized land that can be used for infill and revitalization. Cottage lots differ from multi-family because of the limited number of units, much smaller size and the community concept with shared open space, a community garden, and a recreational clubhouse.

Existing Cottage Housing Development Overlay District – See Zoning Code Article 5, Section 31

Entrance Corridor Overlay District 

The Entrance Corridor Overlay District is intended to provide design controls for development along corridors that connect Boerne with the Interstate and with the surrounding region.  The existing Entrance Corridor District will be reevaluated to refine the district standards as some of the areas will fall under new overlay districts.

Existing Entrance Corridor Overlay District – See Zoning Code Article 5, Section 25

Historic District 

The Historic District was created to celebrate the heritage and culture of the City of Boerne by preserving the historic city center character.  The district is generally located along Main Street, between Oak Park Drive and Frederick Street.

Neighborhood Character Overlay (NCO) District

Neighborhood Character Overlay (NCO) districts are intended for areas of the City that require special consideration based on well-established neighborhood characteristics that have broad public benefits in the context of the Master Plan. These districts are composed of neighborhoods with any residential zoning district as the base district (R-A through R-3), except for R-4.

Existing Neighborhood Character Overlay District – See Zoning Code Article 5, Section 28

North Herff (NH) Road Overlay District

The North Herff (NH) Road Overlay District establishes parameters for development of properties in this unique area of Boerne with regard to site and architectural design, building materials, landscaping, lighting, and signage to promote the character of Boerne.  The NH Overlay District is designated for development of all property on either side of Herff Road from Old San Antonio Road/Frey Street to River Road/Hwy 46 East.

Existing North Herff Road Overlay District – See Zoning Code Article 5, Section 33

South Boerne (SoBo) Overlay District 

The South Boerne Overlay District, also known as SoBo, was established to encourage a mixed-use development pattern with a higher level of pedestrian activity, which also preserves the native landscape.  This district is roughly located in two sections (west and east) between Old San Antonio Road and I-10, oriented toward Herff Road and Main Street.

SoBo Regulating Plan
Existing SoBo Overlay District – See Zoning Code Article 5, Section 32