Boerne Historic District

Main Street-West

The Historic District is a special district designated by City Council consisting of a section of downtown Boerne that was created to protect and preserve the historical, cultural, and architectural character of the district.  Properties within the district are divided into two categories: Contributing and Non-contributing structures. 

Role of the Historic Landmark Commission (HLC):

  • Issue certificate of appropriateness for proposed work that it is appropriate and consistent with the spirit and purpose of the historic district;
  • Review of historic structure demolitions;
  • Award Historic District Improvement Program grants;
  • Recommend new historic districts and landmarks;
  • Recommend the granting of tax exemptions to historically significant sites; and
  • Work in general to preserve the City’s historic and cultural heritage. 

Developing in the Historic District

The Historic District is regulated by the Zoning Code and by the Boerne Historic District Design Guidelines. If requested, applications can be reviewed by a Historic Design Committee prior to the submission of the application to the Historic Landmark Commission. 

Historic District Resources 

Historic District Map

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