Boerne Master Plan

Planning for the Future

As the City of Boerne and the larger region continue to grow, City leaders recognize the importance of proactive planning. The Boerne Master Plan provides a vision that will serve as a blueprint for future development in Boerne for the next 10 years and beyond. The Boerne Master Plan identifies key challenges and opportunities, defines goals and objectives, develops a strategic vision, and establishes implementation strategies to be achieved over 10 years.

Community elements considered in this plan include land use, mobility, community facilities and services, economic development, and livability. The resulting plan is representative of input from residents and stakeholders and includes achievable actions to be enacted by the City and its partners.

A community master plan (also known as a comprehensive plan) is a guide. It serves as a blueprint to guide future development and redevelopment in a community based on an established vision. It considers existing and future needs and determines actions that the community should pursue over time to realize the overall plan vision. Once adopted, city staff and decision makers use the community master plan to direct and enact changes to regulatory documents such as zoning and subdivision regulations.

Review the 2018 Boerne Master Plan Summary.

Review the 2018 Boerne Master Plan Technical Version.

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