Veterans Plaza

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801 South Main Street
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Park Hours: 6 am to 10 pm

Park Features

Veterans Plaza is one of the original four park sites in Boerne. The park is filled with a variety of trees and sidewalks that lead to the center of the park, where the Veterans War Memorial is located. The park is the site of annual gatherings for veterans and Memorial Day ceremonies. View facility information for Veterans Plaza.


Many Kendall County residents have answered the call to duty to serve their country in time of war. In 1923, the H.J. Graham family erected a memorial monument near the center of Military Plaza (today known as Veterans Plaza) honoring all the men who died as a result of military action in the armed forces during World War I. The names of those who lost their lives are listed on the four sides of the monument.

Years later, a bronze piece was added to the top of the monument recognizing veterans. And plaques were added to recognize those that were killed in combat during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

As part of the 2014 renovation plaques were added recognizing those killed in combat during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

Walk of Honor

Included with the 2014 renovations of Veterans Plaza, "The Walk of Honor" was installed. The Walk of Honor was part of a fund raising project to help finance some of the shortfall for the entire park renovations. It is an extra wide walkway from Main St to the center of the park lined with bricks that include names of family and friends that served or are still serving in the military.