Trail Rules


Caution, Courtesy and Common Sense

For your safety and enjoyment, please use caution, courtesy, and common sense while on trails in Boerne, including the Old No. 9, Cibolo, and Currey trails. The following trail rules have been established to keep you and others safe while on city trails:

  • Always be aware of your speed and trail conditions.
  • Be considerate of all trail users.
  • Be especially courteous to users with special needs.
  • Do not destroy or deface any natural or artificial improvements to the trail.
  • Do not dump or litter on the trail. If you see litter, please pick it up.
  • Do not frighten, annoy, injure, or kill any wild or native animals or birds.
  • Keep horses off the improved trail service. Stay on the grass.
  • Keep pets on short leashes and under control, and keep pet waste off the trail.
  • Keep to the right and pass on the left.
  • Respect private property by staying on the trail.
  • Share the trail courteously; communicate by giving audible signals when passing other users.
  • Use extra caution where a trail or path crosses a street.
  • Yield to pedestrians if you are an in-line skater or bicyclist.

Commercial activities and unauthorized motor vehicles (except wheelchairs) are not permitted on site.

Contact Information

To report unsafe trail conditions, please call (830) 248-1635. In an emergency, dial 911.