Stormwater Utility Fee

City of Boerne crews remove fallen tree from creek

What is the Stormwater Drainage Utility?

The City of Boerne Stormwater Drainage Utility is responsible for drainage services as well as the installation, operation, and maintenance of drainage infrastructure throughout Boerne. The Stormwater Drainage Utility was created by the City Council in response to increasing needs for addressing drainage issues as well as the increased costs of maintenance and construction of projects. The Stormwater Drainage Utility will play a critical role in protecting public health and safety in the community by maintaining water quality and reducing flooding events.

What is the Stormwater Drainage Utility Fee?

In 2019, the Boerne City Council approved a schedule of stormwater rates based on the cost of providing stormwater services and programs. The Stormwater Drainage Utility revenues are intended to cover capital and maintenance expenses associated with local drainage projects. The Stormwater Drainage Utility is managed by the City’s Development Services Office.

The fee is assessed on residential and commercial properties and collected on a monthly basis through Boerne Utility bills where it appears as the “Stormwater Fee.” Under the current rate design, the Stormwater Utility Fee is assessed based on the amount of impervious cover situated on each individual property.

The Stormwater Drainage Utility fee took effect Jan. 1, 2021.

Who has to pay the fee?

The Stormwater Drainage Utility Charge will continue to be assessed to the owner or occupant of the "benefited property" which includes any lot or parcel or real property that has been improved and which contributes runoff into the City’s storm water system. The city’s stormwater system includes streets and ditches that are intended to carry stormwater during storms.

What is funded through the fee?

The Stormwater Drainage Utility Fee can only be used to fund those services that directly support stormwater operations. Examples of services funded by the Storm Water Drainage Utility fee include but are not limited to the following:

  • Capital Infrastructure projects that address stormwater runoff
  • Street Sweeping
  • Channel Mowing/Restoration
  • Drainage Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Natural Creekway Debris Removal

How does the Stormwater Drainage Utility fund infrastructure and programs?

Drainage infrastructure and services are funded through a combination of general funds, capital bond financing, and stormwater utility revenue. Through its annual budget process, the Boerne City Council determines the appropriate expenditures for drainage infrastructure and services for each fiscal year. Major drainage infrastructure projects can be funded through capital bonds with debt expense paid with stormwater utility revenues.

Drainage needs resulting from new development are addressed through on-site detention and off-site mitigation. Other drainage needs are addressed through local stormwater projects which are financed through general funds and stormwater utility revenues. Under the Municipal Drainage Utility Systems Act, the City Council has the obligation to set stormwater utility rates based on the cost of service.