Boerne City Lake Park Rules

Visitors to Boerne City Lake Park are required to follow the rules and guidelines listed on this page. We appreciate the support of the community as we work to take care of our natural resources and maintain a safe environment for all park visitors.


  • Per City of Boerne ordinance, the consumption of alcohol at Boerne City Lake is prohibited and punishable by a fine of up to $200.


  • Animals taken upon city-owned land shall be under restraint (dogs must be leashed) by a responsible individual at all times.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person to frighten, annoy, injure, or kill or attempt to frighten, annoy, injure, or kill any wild or native animal or bird in any public space, with the exception of city staff and/or approved representatives of the city who may need to attend to wildlife management issues.


  • Boats shall be operated and equipped in accordance with the Texas Water Safety Act.
  • Watercraft with combustion-type motors are allowed on City Lake, however combustion-type motors may be operated solely in the pursuit of official business by law enforcement agencies, fire service personnel, maintenance personnel, or other emergency services. Watercraft motors, batteries, and other equipment must be in good repair and securely attached to the watercraft. No skiing of any kind is allowed.


  • Ashes must be extinguished and should not be discarded in trash receptacles, on park grounds, or in the lake.
  • Fires are only allowed for the purposes of cooking / grilling food, and such fires must be located within the permanent grilling units provided by the city. Use of personal grills for the purposes of cooking / grilling food will be allowed as long as they are self-contained, above-ground pits.


  • All motorized vehicles shall be street-legal and will be permitted only on developed and designated park roadway systems and parking areas.
  • No vehicles shall be allowed on the dam structure at Boerne City Lake except city emergency or maintenance vehicles.


  • It shall be unlawful for any unauthorized person to intentionally or knowingly pick, pull, uproot, dig up, cut, break, injure, burn, or otherwise destroy any flower, shrub, or tree, or to deface, mark, injure, damage, or destroy any natural or artificial improvement in any public space owned by the city.
  • State fishing laws shall apply, except that no trot lines, throw lines, or set lines shall be allowed.

Additional Restrictions

The following additional actions are not permitted in the park:

  • Camping overnight (except for official programs sanctioned by the City and permitted by the Parks and Recreation Department).
  • Carrying in or possessing any glass beverage containers
  • Discharging firearms
  • Engaging in commercial activities on city-owned property without authorization
  • Entering the fenced area of the Water Treatment Plant without property authorization from a duly-authorized city official
  • Entering the primary spillway structure at the Boerne City Lake except for duly-authorized personnel
  • Hunting or trapping
  • Locating, building, or constructing any dock, boat house, or other structure that projects out from the shore of Boerne City Lake into the body of the lake
  • Selling or offering for sale any goods, wares, services, or merchandise within any parkways, medians, parks, parking lots, playgrounds, swimming pools, or other recreational areas without permission from the Parks and Recreation Department; any person wishing to sell food or drink items in a park must apply for:
  • Swimming or launching boats within 1,000 feet of the Water Treatment Plant intake
  • Swimming or wading within 50 feet of the boat ramp