Display Space

Please read the library's Community Display Place Policy (PDF).

Through displays, the library makes patrons aware of its programs, services, and resources. In its role as an educational force in the community the library also welcomes the opportunity to display paintings, photographs, crafts, sculpture and other items in the library where space permits.

The following areas in the building are available for community displays:

  • One open panel in the first-floor foyer with additional space below for   brochures/pamphlets
  • First-floor gallery, which includes two upright display cases
  • Other window spaces as available.
  • Community Room

All displays, whether generated by library representatives or the public, will be considered in terms of the standards listed below. Not all exhibits will meet all standards. Responsibility for the selection of exhibits generated by the public rests with the Library Advisory Board after recommendation from the Library Display Committee, which is appointed by the Library Advisory Board and comprising members of library support groups, staff and interested persons.

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