Camp Verde

Historic Camp Verde was the 1854 site of Secretary of War Jefferson Davis’ “Texas Camel Experiment." The camel was chosen for its ability to withstand Texas heat and arid conditions. Robert E. Lee was said to have laid out the grounds for Camp Verde, including the officer’s quarters and the camel pens. While the camels were well-suited to the region, their unpleasant disposition eventually got them fired! When the Civil War broke out, the camel experiment was abandoned. Even then, the Camp Verde General Store was open to offer goods and services to soldiers stationed at Fort Verde, and it has continued in operation (as a post office, community center, and other incarnations) ever since. The present-day, two-story Southern colonial stone structure was built in 1900, after the original building was swept away in a flood. Enjoy spectacular dining and fabulous shopping. Located mid-way between Kerrville and Bandera on Highway 173. CAMP VERDE