Streets / Drainage


The Street Department manages, maintains, and repairs city streets and rights of way. Responsibilities of the city include the pavement management, sidewalk maintenance, sign repair, and the elimination of sight obstructions.

Roadways the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is responsible for, rather than the city, include:

  • Blanco Road (FM 474)
  • Main Street (US 87)
  • River Road (SH 46)
  • West Bandera Road (SH 46)


There are several natural waterways traversing the city, the largest being the Cibolo Creek. The majority of the waterways are located within private property. The city performs maintenance as needed where the waterways cross city rights of way or are on city-owned property.

Since 1997, the city has required that developers install stormwater flow and velocity control structures, commonly called detention ponds, to minimize stormwater flows from the developed areas. In most residential areas, these ponds are owned and maintained by the city as a community feature. In commercial applications, each property owner is required to maintain their own stormwater drainage features.

The drainage systems along state rights of ways are owned and maintained by TxDOT.