Downloadable Forms

This page includes of a list of various forms related to the management of your Boerne Utilities account and services.

Forms can be submitted to Customer Care and Billing by email to [email protected], by fax to (830) 249-2580, or in person at City Hall, located at 447 N. Main St. in Boerne.

If you’re having trouble finding the form you need or have any questions, you can call (830) 249-9511 Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Utility Management Forms

Residential Application

Download the Residential Application to apply for residential services with Boerne Utilities. Review the residential application process.

Commercial Application

Download the Commercial Application to apply for commercial services with Boerne Utilities. Review the commercial application process.

Disconnect Utility Service

Download the Disconnect Utility Service form to request a disconnect of your utilities. Desconecte Servicio de Utilidades.

Letter of Credit from the City of Boerne

Complete the Letter of Credit form to request a letter of credit from the City of Boerne.

City of Boerne Utility Rules and Regulations

Review the City of Boerne Utilities Rules and Regulations document, covering services including electric, gas, water, garbage, and wastewater.

Request for Disclosure of Information Maintained by Boerne Utilities

This form enables you to request disclosure of certain information under Texas Utilities Code, Chapter 182. Submit a request for release of information.

Billing Forms

ACH Draft Form

Download the ACH Draft Form to sign up for, change, or cancel automatic utility payments.

Paperless Billing

Complete the Paperless Billing form to sign up for email-only billing.

Average Monthly Payment Plan

Download the AMP enrollment form to sign up to pay an average of your utility bills over the last 12 months.

Download the AMP cancellation form to stop paying an average monthly payment.

Water Leak Adjustment Request

Download the Water Leak Adjustment Form if you had a leak at your residence or business and would like to request a bill adjustment.

One-Time Sewer Adjustment

Download the One-Time Sewer Adjustment form to request a one-time adjustment to your utility bill.

Other Utility Programs

Critical Care Program Application

Download the Critical Care Program Application to enroll in the program.

Disabled Citizen Benefit

Download the Disabled Citizen Benefit form.

Good Neighbor Fund

Download the Good Neighbor Fund form to sign up to help support Boerne neighbors with financial challenges who have trouble paying their utility bills.

Senior Citizen Benefit Program

Download the Senior Citizen Benefit Program form if you are a senior citizen and need more time to pay your utility bill.

Weatherization Assistance Program

Learn about the Weatherization Assistance Program offered by the Alamo Area Council of Governments.