Notary Services

Make a Notary Appointment

The library has five notary publics on staff. There is no guarantee one will be available to assist you, so please call and make an appointment. This service is free of charge.

IMPORTANT: If your document requires witnesses, we strongly encourage to bring your own witnesses to the document signing. 

Tenemos un notario público que habla español.

Find out more about what Notary Publics do.

  1. Photo of Sandy Johnston

    Sandy Johnston

    General Services Coordinator / Notary Public

  1. Photo of Alicia Owens

    Alicia Owens

    Technology Services Librarian / Tech Team Leader / Notary Public

  1. Photo of staff member Caren Creech

    Caren Creech

    Adult and YA Services Assistant / Notary Public

  1. Photo of staff member Oemuer Samsa

    Oemuer Samsa

    General Services Assistant / Tech Team Member / Notary Public

  1. Photo of Leah Mayo

    Leah Mayo

    YA Services/Outreach Coordinator/Notary Public