Utility Manager Customer Portal FAQs

What is the customer portal?

It allows you to access your meter information to monitor utility usage. Since utility costs are directly linked to usage, the new portal is a great tool to help you save money.

It is updated every 24 hours, so you can adjust your utility consumption according to your lifestyle and budget. The portal is a tool for customers to better understand their usage and can alert the customers if their cost has met pre-set thresholds.

Anyone who has received the new meters, or has been upgraded with the new technology, now has access to sign into the portal.

Once users have signed up for an account and the portal is ready, they can log into it from a mobile phone, tablet or computer. The portal is accessible from anywhere there is Wi-Fi access. The portal consists of a user-friendly dashboard for quick reference.

What information can I see on the portal?

You can view your usage and cost information in a variety of ways – from daily, past week, billing cycle, and monthly. You can view in a table or graph and the details include:

• hourly interval data from previous day

• average daily usage from past week

• daily usage for current billing cycle

• monthly consumption and cost

• daily weather information (high/low)

Is my information protected on the portal?

Yes, the portal is built with the latest technology to keep your account safe and the portal does not store any financial information.

I cannot create an account. Why?

If you receive the following error when attempting to create an account - “There are no meters with this combination of account number and address” – the Utility Manager Customer Portal isn’t available for your account currently and the City of Boerne is still deploying and/or upgrading the technology on all meters within the City.

Can I view the portal on my mobile device?

Yes, you can view the portal from any of the most common mobile, tablet and computer browsers.

Can I set up more than one account on the portal?

Each of your utility accounts requires a unique username.

Does the portal have other features beyond showing my consumption data?

You can set up spending thresholds and turn on email notifications to be alerted if your thresholds are exceeded.

What type of alerts/thresholds can be set up?

Monthly dollar amount notifications:

• First alert amount ($)

• Second alert amount ($)

• Third alert amount ($)

How will I receive alerts?

You will receive your alerts by email using the email address you designated when creating your account. In addition, you can log into the portal to see alerts in Alert History.

What can I do with the usage details?

• You can use the data to gain deeper insight and understanding on how and when you use utilities.

• Offers you the ability to help you conserve utilities, lower your bills, and budget better than ever before.

• The usage data along with the temperature data provides context to see if your usage is as you’d expect, given certain weather conditions.

What if there is no data for a particular utility?

The City of Boerne has worked to replace all of the utility meters for electric, water, reclaimed water, and gas to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meters. These meters transmit readings directly to our billing system allowing you to view your data in near real time application.

Anyone who has received the new meters, or has been upgraded with the new technology, now has access to sign into the portal.

These additional insights will eventually be available to all customers as we continue to deploy the new AMI meters.

What if the hourly and daily consumption readings from the meter are not showing up on the dashboard for a longer period of time?

If the radio transmitter has not been heard by the tower receiver for an unexpectedly long period, the hour or day that the consumption occurs can take time to backfill and update. Don’t worry, the meters are calibrated and measure correctly so that the bill sent out each month is accurate. If the duration is too long and the hourly information cannot be generated, the actual meter reading is used to catch up the portal.

I cannot see what I used today. Why?

Usage is uploaded to the system nightly and is delayed by 24 hours.

What do I do if I do not see usage readings for several days?

• Check to see if there is something blocking the signal. Is something on top of your water meter lid, a tree limb up against the meter, etc.?

• After a rain, the water meter box could be full of water which will make it difficult for the radio to transmit.

• There may be damage to the meter or radio antenna. If you notice damage, please call the Customer Service & Billing Department at 830-249-9511, option 1.

Can this system help me detect a water leak?

If you view your water usage and notice more water being used than what you normally use, it may be a cause for investigation to determine if there is a problem.

Can the system help me tell if I am excessively using utilities?

One of the many benefits of the utility customer portal is the ability to set alerts to keep up with spending/usage based on customer settings.

Can this help me conserve?

Yes! Conservation is the key to avoiding high bills and high consumption. This system will allow you to monitor the amount of utilities you are using during the day.

Why is the monthly consumption/cost different on the Utility Manager vs. my City of Boerne Utility bill?

The Utility Manager only provides the consumption/cost on metered services to include electric, gas, water, and reclaimed water.

Depending on when the Utility Manager uploads your read vs. when the City of Boerne obtains the final read from your bill, there could be a slight difference in your total monthly consumption(s)/cost(s).

What happens to my account if I move away?

Your account will still be available for viewing, but will not be updated any longer.