Swim Lessons

Lessons for All Skill Levels

Boerne Parks and Recreation offers swimming lessons from certified instructors during the summer months. Attendees can sign up for one of five class types depending on the swimmer's skill level.

There are four sessions to pick from. Each session is two weeks long and meets on Tuesdays - Fridays for a total of eight classes per session. Learn about the types of classes and session dates and times below.

Please note: All classes and times are subject to change. Availability of classes is subject to a required minimum number enrolled.


Registration for Summer 2023 swim lessons will open May 1, 2023.

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Class Descriptions and Session Dates

Parks and Recreation offers five different swim classes depending on the skill level of each swimmer. Click on the tabs below to see descriptions of each class type and session dates and times.

  1. Types of Swim Classes
  2. Session Dates

Parent and Child

Participation in this class requires a parent/guardian to be in the water with the child at all times.

This class helps young children get comfortable in and around the water. It helps them develop a readiness to swim, with the parent/guardian in the pool with them they will gain confidence as they learn about water safety and swimming fundamentals.


Students registering for this level may or may not be comfortable in the water yet.

This level is designed to help students become oriented to and feel comfortable in the water. This course begins teaching students the fundamental components needed to continue to build their skills as they progress in the swim program. Basic components to be taught: blowing bubbles, bobbing, floating on front/back, kicks on the front/back, enter/exit water independently, submerging face, retrieving objects, and basic water safety rules.

Intermediate Beginners

Students registering for this level should be somewhat comfortable putting their face in the water and have mastered the skills of the beginner level.

This class builds on the beginner level, working on the skills being accomplished unsupported. Fundamental swimming skills are emphasized along with water safety skills.

Basic skills covered will be bubble blowing and breathing control, floating, gliding and kicking on front/back. Students will learn arm movements for the front and back crawl and will begin to coordinate and combine the kicks and arms for both strokes.

Advanced Beginners

Students registering for this class should be competent in the skills at the intermediate level and be comfortable putting their entire head under water as well as being in the water over their head.

Stroke Readiness

Students registering for this level should have completed the skills in advanced beginner and must be fairly competent in freestyle and backstroke kicks with coordinated arm action. They should be comfortable in deep water as well as completely submerging their head.

Students at this level will work to refine freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and increase treading water endurance. They will be introduced to the backstroke kick with coordinating arm action, butterfly body movement, and the basics of diving and diving safely.