Planning in Boerne

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As the City and Kendall County continue to grow, City leaders are planning for what our community will look like decades from now and how we can best prepare to handle the needs of a growing population.

2018 Boerne Master Plan

The Boerne Master Plan provides a vision that serves as a blueprint for future development in Boerne over the next 10 years and beyond.

Learn more about the Master Plan.

Unified Development Code

The Unified Development Code was adopted in 2021 and is the first major project to come form the 2018 Boerne Master Plan. The Unified Development Code combines various ordinances into one document, clarifying the development process and strengthening the City’s ability to promote sustainable development.

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Rolling Ten-Year Plan

The Rolling Ten-Year Plan is an organizational document that brings together and highlights key components, recommendations, and implementation priorities of all the major planning documents for the City of Boerne. It summarizes each of the individual documents and provides one source for elected officials and the community to go to look at key highlights and recommendations from each plan.

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Citizen Survey

Working with independent consultant Mobile Digital Insights, the city was able to gauge residents’ opinions on quality of life, development/growth, services provided by the city, and priorities for the future. The anonymous survey also allows the City of Boerne to compare its results with those of communities across the state and country.

Learn more about the Citizen Survey.

Community-Led Committees

At the request of Mayor Tim Handren, the City of Boerne spearheaded the creation of two community-led committees. 

Kendall County Water Planning Committee

Created by the Boerne City Council, the Kendall County Water Planning Committee is tasked with developing a water plan designed to moderate water consumption, protect water resources, seek out and evaluate potential new water sources, maximize efficient use of existing water sources, and identify tools for water conservation.

Learn more about the Water Planning Committee.

Kendall County, Boerne, Fair Oaks Transportation Committee

Formed in late 2019, the Kendall County, Boerne, Fair Oaks Transportation Committee is charged with developing a countywide transportation plan to mitigate current and future traffic congestion in Kendall County in a way that preserves cultural and environmental resources and promotes appropriate economic development. In October 2022, the Committee delivered its final report "'County at a Crossroads'  2022 - A Citizens' Plan for Transportation in Kendall County."

Read the Citizens' Transportation Plan here.

Learn more about the Transportation Committee.