Community Policing

The Downtown Police Bicycle Patrol Unit created in 2008 currently consists of 1 officer, Rebecca Foley, while forecasting the addition of another bike officer within our five year personnel plan. This additional officer would be utilized in our area parks, while assisting the downtown officer with special events. The bike officer patrols four days a week on a ten-hour shift. He patrols businesses and residential areas; gliding silently down streets and alleys to better catch criminals and protect the citizens of Boerne. In addition to patrolling the Boerne downtown area, the bike officer patrols the library, local parks, hike and bike trails, and Boerne Lake. Currently, the department issues the Trek 21 speed mountain bike, Fuji 21 speed mountain bike and Kona Safariland 21 speed mountain bike. The officer wears a special lighter weight uniform that consists of a royal blue "polo" style shirt, black pants or shorts, and a silver helmet.

Foley Coomunity Police Officer

Another important function of this position involves meeting with various city entities and community members on behalf of the police department to go over special events that are planned within the city. 

In 2014, the bike patrol position continues to be the driving force behind the "Hide, Lock and Take" in Boerne. The program's main goal is to help spread awareness throughout the community about the dangers of vehicle burglaries. This program encourages citizens to hide their valuables, lock their vehicle and take their keys. The Boerne community has several of these signs up at many of the local hotels and businesses.

Hide Lock