The records and administration team manages the collection, dissemination, maintenance and control of all departmental reports and documents. This includes responding to requests for information from the public and other law enforcement/governmental agencies, entering information from arrests, compiling case files and forwarding them to the appropriate court for review and possible prosecution, maintaining departmental employee records and training certificates, forwarding animal calls to animal control for follow up, filing and maintaining closed and inactive case files, answering non-emergency phone calls, providing customer service to walk-ins at the PD lobby, as well as managing the admission, maintenance and destruction of all property seized as evidence by the department during the course of its operations. On a monthly basis the administrators compile reports tracking patrol vehicle mileage and the number of injury and non-injury auto accidents that the department responds to. To request a police report as per the Public Information Act.

Records 2019

Finger Printing Services

Between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM the records section also provides finger printing services free of charge to residents within the incorporated city limits of Boerne and provides the same services to residents outside the city limits for a fee. They also book off duty security assignments for large events occurring within the city limits.

Recognition Program

Since 2011, the Boerne PD has participated in the Texas Police Chief’s Association Law Enforcement Recognition Program. The Texas Police Chief’s Association Law Enforcement Recognition Program provides for external auditing of the Boerne Police Department by highly regarded law enforcement professionals to ensure our continuing compliance with the best and safest law enforcement practices available. These procedures and codes of conduct are standardized by a committee of Texas Police Chiefs and attorneys to minimize risk and harm to both the public and the department’s police officers. The Boerne Police Department is required to prove its compliance with these practices on an annual basis and is inspected on site by external auditors every four years. During these audits every aspect of law enforcement operations is covered including use of force, protection of individual rights and civil liberties, vehicle pursuits, property and evidence management, and patrol and investigative procedures. This voluntary process is undertaken by the department with the best interests of the city at heart and is a demonstration of the department’s commitment to providing transparent, ethical and professional law enforcement services to the citizens of Boerne.

Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence Room is where we maintain the care, custody, and control of all seized evidentiary property until a final disposition is obtained from the courts. Property/Evidence also strives to return all recovered, found, or abandoned property back to its rightful owners.

Property may be released by appointment, with proper identification, Tuesday through Friday from 09:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

The administration section consists of:
Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police – email Maria Guerrero
Administrative Assistant to the Criminal Investigations Division – email Ryan Cook
Records Administrators – Cheryl Reed and Csilla Scott
Property Room - email Ryan Cook or Michael Garcia