Assistance & Incentives

Local Tax Abatement and Incentives Programs

The Economic Development Department utilizes incentive programs to encourage economic growth which is beneficial to the community by enhancing the character, natural resources, destination drivers and identity of Boerne.

The City of Boerne is focused on providing new resources and incentives to grow the economy, revitalize targeted areas of the City and promote strong, balanced growth throughout the community.

State of Texas Incentives

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  • Texas Industry Development Program
  • Texas Leverage Fund
  • Bonds
  • Section 108
  • Texas Enterprise Fund
  • Emerging Technology Program
  • Texas Enterprise Zone Program
  • Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure Program
  • Texas Capital Fund Real Estate Development Program
  • Rural Municipal Finance Program
  • Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
  • Chapter 380
  • Texas Economic Development Act
  • Ad Valorem/Property Tax Exemption
  • Property Tax Rule 9.105
  • Freeport Exemption
  • Renewable Energy Incentives
  • Permit Assistance
  • Economic Development and Diversification In-State Tuition for Employee