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Interlibrary Loan Request Form

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  2. Interlibrary Loan Request

    Please fill out this form to request an item from another library. We will process requests in the order we receive them. You must have a PHPL card. NOTE: If you're a TexShare member, then please ask your home library to request materials. We are unable to process those.

  3. Please enter your 7-digit PHPL card number here

  4. Please enter your number, including area code.

  5. List Author(s) (if applicable)

  6. Agreement

    I understand that I will be responsible for all return postage if not picked up. Lost or damaged materials will be charged to my account. I agree to return all materials on time. I realize that not all requests may be filled.

  7. Additional fees*

    Please indicate how much you're willing to pay if a lending library charges a fee. This does not include postage.

  8. Please enter your initials to indicate you agree with the above conditions.

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