Posted on: April 4, 2018

Spring Bulky Item Collection - deadline is April 20

           The City of Boerne’s semi-annual Large Item Pick-up is coming!  If you are a residential customer and are billed for garbage service by the City of Boerne you are eligible for Large Item Pickup.  Waste Management crews will begin collection on Monday, April 23.
           To have your items picked up, you must contact the Utility Customer Service Office to get your address on the pickup list – the deadline is Friday, April 20.  Customers can make this request online at www.boerne-tx.gov and type in “Request a Service” in the search box, or call 249-9511 between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday.  
           All items must be placed at the curb line in front of the residence (no vacant lots or commercial establishments).   Waste Management will pass down each street only once, so please have your items out by Sunday, April 22. Customers will be responsible for any items placed curbside but failed to make the required request with Boerne Utilities.
           Items that will be picked up include old furniture, hot water heaters or other bulky household items.  Appliances containing Freon, such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.   Please do not put out brush, tires, batteries or paint cans for this collection.
           Any bulky items that contain any amount of glass, mirror or material that may shatter, will get picked up but only if it is wrapped and contained to prevent shards from harming the WM crew or littering the ground.  
           It is also important to note that the city’s contract for this service with Waste Management, Inc. no longer includes collection of electronics of any kind.  Check with local vendors that sell electronics to see if they will accept these items.
           Brush, trees, or landscape materials will not be picked up during this collection.  Please do not put out tires, batteries or paint cans for this collection.  These items should be taken to local businesses for recycling.  Contact the Utilities Customer Service Office for locations.
           A mechanical grabber may be used to remove the large items.   To avoid damage, items should NOT be placed under low utility lines or low tree branches or adjacent to fences, utility meters, telephone pedestals or fire hydrants.  Items placed in these restricted areas can not be picked up safely.
            The City of Boerne allows items to be placed at the curb one week prior to the collection.  Placing items out sooner causes a hazardous situation by attracting rodents, blocking sidewalks and walkways, and is very unsightly.  

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