Planning & Community Development

Since 1909, when the City of Boerne was incorporated, growth management has been a complex issue. It is the Planning and Community Development Department’s responsibility to work with individuals, developers, and city staff to implement city policy while facilitating community objectives.

Those responsibilities include:
  • Processing requests for proposed development and zoning
    • Plans for development and requests for zoning are reviewed and then processed for review by the Planning and Zoning Commission; the Planning and Zoning Commission then approves those requests or recommends them to the City Council
  • Processing requests for the Historic Landmark Commission that individuals or businesses located in the Historic District propose for development or change
    • The Historic Landmark Commission approves those requests or recommends them to the City Council
  • Overseeing the Code Enforcement Department
  • Overseeing the Boerne Public Library
  • Serving as flood plain administrator
  • Facilitating grants
    • Companies and community service entities request grants for various projects; those grants are processed and tracked through the Planning and Community Services Department
  • Coordinating with the Kendall County Economic Development Coordination