Hauptstrasse Quiltfest

Date:    May 2, 2015
Time:    9 am - 4 pm

Come join us for a beautiful outdoor quilt show.  Hundreds of beautiful handmade quilts will be on display on Boerne’s Main Plaza and along Main St adorning front porches in historic Downtown Boerne. Admission and event programs are free and can be picked up from the event headquarters, from quilt angels or in stores along Main Street (Hauptstrasse). 
City of Boerne Quiltfest
Browse and shop while you’re at the event. There will be an assortment of vendors. Some quilts displayed on Main Plaza will also be for sale . Sit down for  lunch in one of Boerne’s quaint restaurants..
Community Quilt Project 

On the south end of Main Plaza you will find a booth for creating your own quilt block.
Adults and children will have the opportunity to create a quilt together. The finished product will hang in the youth department at the Patrick Heath Public Library and then hang in the 2016 Hauptstrasse Quiltfest! 
Special Exhibits: ..

Antique Quilts- There will be an Antique Quilts on a Bed Presentation at the Quiltfest. If you have a quilt that is 50 years old or older that you would like to share please feel free to enter them in the event. We would like to have a story behind the quilt to share as well if possible.

Patriotic Quilts- We would love to include your patriotic quilts in this new display. They should include an “Americana” theme; include a color palette of red, white & blue etc.

Modern Quilts- Should adhere to the AMQG standards of a “Modern Quilt”. Quilts that do not fit this standard will be hung in the general display 

If you are available on Saturday, May 2, 2015  to be a Quilt Angel please contact Peggy Morton at 210-387-7289 to schedule your block of time before (hanging), during (guarding) and after (taking down) the event.
Job Descriptions
  • Hanging: We will have the cables pre-hung. Volunteers will work in teams with committee members and parks and recreation staff members to clothes pin quilts on the line prior to the start of the event at 9 a.m. These volunteers will meet at the Chamber of Commerce at 7 a.m. to pick up shopping baskets filled with quilts that are designated to be hung in specific areas.
  • Guarding: Once the quilts have been hung volunteers from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. will be given boxes of gloves to offer to the public that may be interested in touching quilts to avoid getting the quilts dirty. These individuals will also be briefed on the event schedule and purchasing procedures so they can point event participants to the appropriate resources if they are asked questions that they may not know the answer to.
  • Taking Down: Reverse of the hanging job. At 4 p.m. these volunteers will meet at the Chamber of Commerce to pick up baskets and will work in teams to remove the quilts from the lines, fold them (being sure that the ID tag is facing out) and re-bagging the quilts to return to "Home Base" at the Chamber of Commerce where they will be checked in and resorted in numeric order. We will not be returning quilts to their owners until every quilt has been checked back in from the lines.