Vote for Levitt AMP Music Series

Brooke Graham

Every vote counts! Please help!

The Patrick Heath Public Library has recently applied for a matching grant that will allow us to put on 10-12 concerts in the same number of weeks from May-October 2019. And we made it through the first process to the public voting phase! This voting phase will determine the top 25 finalists, and then the Levitt Foundation will choose the 15 grant winners from that group.

Voting starts November 1 at noon and ends November 20. You can vote for us only once, and you will have to register to do that.

Register to vote, and then please share with anyone in the community whom you know. NOTE: After clicking the above link, click on the Voting Guide link to learn more.

Thanks for any help you can give us toward winning this grant. We are so excited to have the opportunity to bring fabulous concerts to Boerne!

With hope and gratitude, your friendly public library staff!